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Happy Wheels
Happy Wheels 2, the second installment of the highly popular physics-based bloody motocross game Happy Wheels by Totaljerkface, has not been yet created. The original Happy Wheels game is an obstacle course game that is rather violent and bloody, but funny at the same time. Your aim is to guide your character through a track full of obstacles, dangerous traps and explosives scattered here and there to the exit. To start playing, first you need to select your character. There are several of them and all seem to be funny and the least appropriate for such a danger-filled journey: imagine an old man in a wheelchair racing down along a steep slope, or a father riding a bicycle with his kid sitting behind him falling back and hurting his own child. Yes, you will see all this in Happy Wheels (and probably in Happy Wheels 2). Sure, it is not easy, if not impossible, to have your character intact at the end of the level. They do break and loose their body parts at every imprudent move from your part spattering the screen with tons of small red particles imitating cartoonish blood. You may find cool to hurt your character, but you should know, that the more your character is damaged, the trickier it becomes to control it.

The controls of Happy Wheels are common for games of this type: the game is played entirely this the keyboard. Up arrow key is used to go forth, down arrow key - to reverse, left and right arrow keys - to lean left or right. Special character actions are made with Space, Shift and Control keys. To eject the character from the vehicle in case you got stuck Z key is used. Once ejected, you can hit the spacebar or press the arrow keys to move into different poses on the ground.

One of the cool features of Happy Wheels is the build-in level editor. You can create any obstacle-filled track you can imagine and then play it. You can then even share your creations with others, but you will need to register for that.

It would be interesting to know what Happy Wheels 2 will look like, what new features the developer will add to this already fun and entertaining game. Let us hope that the sequel will be as witty as the original and that it will gain the same or even greater popularity. Once Happy Wheels 2 is released, it will appear on this site. While waiting for the release of Happy Wheels 2 play the original game. Enjoy Happy Wheels 2.
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